【Okinawa】Craft Beer House BAKU|If you want to drink craft beer on Kokusai-dori, this is the place!



Today I’d like to introduce a restaurant near Kokusai-dori in Okinawa, for those who want to enjoy both food and craft beer!

Craft Beer House  Baku

Introducing Craft Beer House Baku, located on the 2nd floor of a building with a local feel.
Located in an alley one street in from the Kokusai-dori entrance, Mugi Baku is the closest place to enjoy authentic craft beer from Kokusai-dori!


A selection of canned beers awaits you!

When you open the door to enter the store, you will be greeted by a refrigerator full of craft beers!
The lineup is not limited to beers produced in Okinawa, but includes a wide variety of beers!


If you’re on vacation and like what you drink, you can buy it to take back to your hotel!


Maybe we can have one before we head to the airport and pick some up as souvenirs to take home!

The largest number of TAPs in Okinawa!

What struck me when I looked at Baku’s menu was the sheer number of beers offered at Tap!
They range from beers from Okinawa and beyond, to original beers that baku-san and breweries have collaborated on!


There are three different sizes, SML and SML, so you can order according to your preference!

Okinawa’s most delicious! Orion Beer

One beer that caught my eye was Orion beer.
Orion is usually served in cans or in mugs at izakaya (Japanese style pubs), but Mugi-san also offers it in a thin glass.
The phrase “Orion beer from a beer specialty store has a different taste” caught my attention, so I asked for a glass of Orion.


。。。Ummm, yummy!!!!

Orion beer has an image of being thin, but carefully and finely poured Orion is something else!
The thin glass, coupled with the strong flavor of the beer, is perfectly balanced by the smoothness of the beer.

The second glass was an Okinawan craft beer.

For our second beer, we ordered a red beer from Wolfbroich, a brewery in Shuri.
It was a delicious, easy-drinking beer with a savory aroma, just like a red beer, but one that didn’t interfere with the meal!

The food was also delicious, with a variety of Okinawan delicacies such as island rakkyo and pickles made from island vegetables!



This time we introduced Craft Beer House Baku, the place to go when you want to drink craft beer on Kokusai-dori!
With both single and table seating, this is a place that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from tourists and business travelers to Okinawa residents, so be sure to stop by!


If you’re looking for a craft beer ladder near BAKU, Koza Mugishu Kobo is the place to go!
Here you can enjoy the prefectural beer produced at the brewery in Okinawa City.

It’s only a 3 minute walk from BAKU!

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