Another 8 Corner – Craft beer shop with its roots in a sake-brewery! Stylish space and great for SNS!

One of the most stylish beer bars in Tokyo! Another 8 @ Meguro

It is located 4 minutes on foot from Meguro Station, tucked away in a back alley.
Renovated from a former garage, the restaurant has a simple and relaxed atmosphere.

Eight craft beers at TAP! Craft beers from Japan and abroad are connected from time to time.
Another 8 is run by Sakehachi Co., Ltd. in Kyoto, a former sake brewery.
That’s why Another 8 is also recommended for sake lovers.
The food is creative cuisine that goes well with both craft beer and sake.!

We had kiwifruit salad, falafel (chickpea croquettes) and hummus!
For craft beer, we had VATERE from Okutama!

Learn more about VERTERE!



Stylish food!!! And these thin glasses!
Beer tastes even better when you drink it in one of these!

Perhaps because of the location, I have the impression that there are many foreign customers.

Early on weekdays, there are many customers who come alone, and late in the day, there are many young groups and couples, making for a lively atmosphere!
There are counter seats, sofa seats, and large tables, so it can be used for various situations.


The atmosphere of the guests was kind of stylish (laughs).


The place is so fancy and instagrammable!!!





Another 8 Corner @ Gakugei Daigaku

One minute walk from Gakugei Daigaku Station. They renovated and built what used to be a flower shop!

Like Another 8, the interior of the restaurant is simple and relaxing.
Seating is available at the counter and for two people, and on sunny days, you can even drink outside.

As with Another 8, there will be eight craft beers and several Japanese sakes on tap.


Since this is in front of Gakugei Daigaku, I had the impression that there were many young customers here.

学芸大学駅西口徒歩1分。「Another8 Corner」では、クラフトビールを中心としたお酒と、ペアリングする料理を取り揃え、街を借景とし、「角地」での賑わいが街に滲み出すような居場所となるよう願いを込めています。

Both stores are cash-on style when you enter.

Both Another 8 and Another 8 corner are cash-on style, where you pay when you enter the restaurant and order at the same time.
I felt it was a little inconvenient because there were no menus on the tables, so I couldn’t take my time deciding, but the staff explained everything to me right away when I was confused, so it was easy to choose!
Also, both restaurants are glass-walled, so it is easy to see inside and enter (lol).


I’ve been to a lot of beer bars in Tokyo, and this one is outstandingly stylish!

Extra at Gakugeidaigaku! Finish off your meal at Machinuka

One minute walk from Another 8 corner. Aji Aji” is not the prettiest place in town, but… (lol)
Mokka loves the leek ramen here!

Anyway, it is full of chives and very tasty.
Ramen after drinking is the best!

中国料理味味 (学芸大学/中華料理)
★★★☆☆3.48 ■予算(夜):¥2,000~¥2,999